Eureka Zenith 65E

Eureka Zenith 65E Espresso Grinder: Accessing Chute

Here is step by step instructions for accessing the chute on the Eureka Zenith 65E espresso grinder. This is useful for deep cleaning or replacing the clump crusher screen.

Tools needed:

  • Large phillips screwdriver
  • Small phillips screwdriver
  • Brush (for cleaning)

1. Carefully peel back the sticker on the top of the grinder to reveal the small screw hidden behind it. Remove the screw and you'll be able to move the panel aside gently.


2. Remove the large screw holding the main portion of the front of the grinder on.


3. It will be snug, but you will be able to wiggle the entire front portion of the grinder off.


4. With the front of the grinder off, you can easily pop off the top of the chute containing the clump crusher screen. This is now easy to clean or replace if needed.


5. Line the top of the chute back up with the hole.



6. The main portion of the front of the grinder will slide back in place. Note: this step will require some adjustment and patience, as the top and bottom pieces need to line up, and will fit very snug.


7. Make sure the light is aligned with the opening when reinstalling the top portion of the grinder. You can use a screwdriver to gently pop it over into place if needed.