LUCCA A53 / Vivaldi: Cleaning the Flow Meter Gicleur

Below you will find instructions on how to check and clean the flow meter gicleur in your La Spaziale LUCCA A53 or Vivaldi espresso machine.

Before you begin, shut off the water line, turn off the machine and allow it to cool down first.

Tools Needed:

  • Phillilps screwdriver
  • 17mm wrench

1. Remove the lower front panel of the machine and take out the drip tray. You can remove the panel by taking out the two screws holding it in place, and pulling it out by the bottom of the panel.

2. Remove the larger, 17mm fitting from the flow meter outlet. Inside will be a small screen with the gicleur sitting on top of it. Remove the gicleur from the fitting/copper pipe.

3. Ensure the small opening in the gicleur is clean and free of blockage. Reinstall with the small end up, and the larger end flat on the screen. The small end will fit inside the copper tube as you tighten down the nut to the fitting.