General Maintenance

LUCCA A53 Mini: Draining the Boilers

Below are instructions with photos for draining the steam and coffee boiler on the A53 Mini and Mini Vivaldi Espresso Machines.

Before draining the coffee boiler we recommend letting the machine cool down for at least 20 minutes and before draining the steam boiler we recommend letting the machine cool down for at least 1 hour as well as unplugging the machine. Tools needed to drain boilers:

  • 16mm wrench / 16mm socket

To drain the coffee boiler remove the water tank and put the machine in standby mode. In standby mode holding down the power button and the hot water button at the same time will cause the pump to run. With no water tank in place the pump will run and will draw water into the system, pushing the water in the coffee boiler out the group head. To fully drain the machine we recommend doing this while tilting the machine forward.

After this you can drain the steam boiler by setting the machine on it's back, removing the drain nut and setting the machine back up right to drain out of the drain hole at the bottom of the steam boiler. See photos below.

*NOTE: If your machine does not have a drain nut, or you'd like an alternative method to drain your steam boiler, follow along with our guide on how to do so here: A53 Mini Steam Boiler Draining Alternative Method