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Profitec LUCCA S58: Plumbing In Changes

When switching from reservoir mode to a direct line, there are just a few changes that need to be made to the S58.

1. Ensure the water line for the machine is providing adequate water. We recommend a pressure regulator like this one here to ensure you are getting 25-40 psi of line pressure going into the machine.

2. Turn off the switch for the reservoir on the pump/reservoir unit - this deactivates the magnet sensor so you do not have to keep a full reservoir of water when the unit is plumbed in.


3. Turn the ball valve on top of the pump/reservoir unit so that it is pointing towards the waterline symbol. It should be parallel to the edge of the unit. The top panel of the unit does not need to be removed, as this photo is just for a demonstration to show what the inside portion of the valve looks like.