General Maintenance

Profitec Pro 300: Steam Gauge Replacement

In this article, you'll find the step by step instructions for replacing the steam gauge on the Profitec Pro 300 dual boiler espresso machine.

Tools Needed:

  • 2.5mm & 3mm Allen keys
  • 13mm & 14mm Open-ended wrenches
  • Adjustable wrench

1. Remove the panels of the Pro 300. Instructions for this are listed here: Pro 300 Panel Removal Instructions.

2. Remove the capillary tube first, then the collar holding the bracket second.


3. Using the 14mm wrench, hold the back of the gauge still from inside the bracket or it will spin, and use your 13mm wrench to remove the nut/capillary tube from the gauge.


4. Remove the 14mm collar holding the bracket and everything will come right out.


5. From here, install the new gauge in the front, put the bracket on the backside and tighten down both collar and capillary tube nut. Ensure the gauge is aligned straight from the front, and turn the machine on to test for leaks before reinstalling the panels. If leaking, a small amount of tightening will solve it.