General Maintenance

Profitec Pro 500: Cleaning the Check Valve

Below you will find instructions for cleaning or replacing the check valve on the Profitec Pro 500 Espresso Machine.

Tools Needed:

  • 3mm allen key
  • 2 Adjustable wrenches

1. Remove the panels of the machine: Pro 500 Panel Removal

2. Remove the 2 screws holding the water reservoir slot in place and move it to the side.

3. Remove the hose from the expansion valve and the copper fitting circled here.

4. Lift up the expansion valve to allow it to be turned and removed. You can use an adjustable wrench on the flat spot pointed out here.

5. Remove the check valve by applying counter torque on the t-valve to the left of it and using a second wrench to remove the check valve.

6. Use your wrenches to open up the check valve and check for any debris or scale buildup on the ball inside as well as the inside of the valve.