Repackaging Instructions

Repackaging the Profitec Pro 800

This article will show you how to properly repackage a Profitec Pro 800 for shipping.

1. Ensure the machine is drained - this can be accomplished by heating the machine up fully, turning the machine off and then running the hot water tap until there's no water left coming out.

2. Remove the front feet of the machine and put them with the other accessories in the accessory box.

3. Set the machine into the inner box and put the surrounding foam + instapacks in with the machine.


Profitec Pro 800 Repackaging Instructions


4. Set the accessory box on top of the cup tray.


Profitec Pro 800 Repackaging Instructions


5. In a 24" cubed box, pad the top, bottom, and each side and put the Pro 800 box inside.