Getting Started

Profitec Pro 800: User Manual

Set Up Your Profitec Pro 800. In this manual, you should find everything you need to operate and maintain your lever espresso machine.

Please read carefully before using your Profitec Pro 800.

If you have any other questions, be sure to contact us.

Setup Video

* Remember to keep your original packaging in the event you need to ship it back to us for repair.

Included Accessories

  • Single spouted portafilter
  • Double spouted portafilter
  • Bottomless portafilter
  • Single basket
  • Double basket
  • Triple basket
  • Braided plumb-in line
  • Drip tray drain attachment
  • Grouphead brush
  • Water test strip

Attach Lever to the Group Head

  • The Pro 800 lever screws into the threading at the top of the group head and can be tightened with an adjustable wrench. Take care not to scratch the chrome finish on the handle.
  • The grouphead contains a powerful spring, keep a firm hold on the lever to avoid injury or damage to the machine.

Filling the Reservoir

  • When using the Pro 800 with the 3-liter water tank reservoir set the machine up following these instructions.
    • There is a valve on the bottom panel located at the rear that must be closed (pointing to its closest machine leg).
    • Next, remove the drip tray and locate the switch on the front panel of the machine, the switch must be in the "0" or reservoir position.
    • Remove the cup tray from the top of the machine and fill the reservoir in place to about 1 inch from the top (for first-time use remove the reservoir to rinse then fill). Place the reservoir tank into the machine and replace the cup tray panel on top of the machine.

Direct Plumb

    • Attach the included braided line to the inlet on the bottom rear of the machine then attach the other end to a plumbed water line. Ensure you test and properly filter your water.
    • Open the valve at the bottom rear of the machine (pointing away from its closest machine leg). This will allow the direct plumbed line to flow into the machine.
    • Next, remove the drip tray and locate the switch on the front panel of the machine, the switch must be in the "1" position (Water faucet icon).
    • Open up your direct plumb line allowing water to flow freely.

Power on Machine

  • Your machine is set for use on a standard 110v outlet
  • Flip the main switch up and the green power light will illuminate
  • The orange light will illuminate when plumbed in.
  • When using reservoir mode the orange light will be illuminated when the water reservoir tank is full.
  • The orange light will turn off when water drops to a low level.

First Time Startup

  • Place the machine on an even and stable surface. You can regulate the height by adjusting the feet of the machine.
  • The boiler will fill completely during the initial start as soon as the main power is turned on.
  • In reservoir mode, the pump will engage and will draw water from the reservoir tank you should refill your reservoir tank after the initial boiler fill.
  • When plumbed in the boiler will fill via line pressure you will not hear the pump engage but you should hear the water fill the boiler completely then stop.
  • Pull the drip tray out to verify that your PID display is on and shows the temperature of the boiler. It will take up to 30 minutes for your machine to heat up completely to its ideal temperature of 245-255F.

Brewing With a Lever Machine

  • Once your PID displays the set temperature you are ready to begin brewing.
  • It is important to note again, the grouphead contains a powerful spring, keep a firm hold on the lever to avoid injury or damage to the machine.
  • You will "pull" a shot by bringing the lever into a downward facing position, firmly holding it the entire way down. Hold in the down position for 2-4 seconds.
  • You will firmly guide the lever back into its upright position only releasing once it is almost in a fully upright position.
  • Bringing the lever down fills the group chamber with water from your boiler, the temperature is maintained by the physical properties of the flow of water into the group and materials of the grouphead itself.
  • The 2-4 seconds in the lower position will determine the amount of water that fills the group chamber and ultimately the total volume of water that will flow through the entire shot.
  • The action of the spring as the lever moves back into the upright then into its resting position produces the ideal 9-10 bars pressure for brewing.

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