General Maintenance

Profitec Pro 700: Wood Knob Upgrade Install

The standard black plastic knobs on Profitec espresso machines can be upgraded and replaced with handmade walnut wood knobs, made here in Portland, Oregon.

If you don't have these beautiful wood knobs yet and just stumbled upon this article, grab them

Tools needed:

  • Small pick

1. Turn off your machine and allow it to cool down so the components are not hot.

2. Pop off the silver cap on the stock knob.


3. Use your pick to pop off the small clip holding the knob on. Be careful not to lose it as it can go flying.


4. Unthread the knob entirely off the valve.


5. Thread the new walnut knob onto the valve all the way and add the washer.


6. Attach the clip into the groove of the center pin to lock the knob in place.


7. Put the new silver cap on the walnut knob.