LUCCA M58: PID failing to initialize

If your PID is failing to initialize on your Quick Mill LUCCA M58 espresso machine, the inlet power switch may have disconnected causing the machine to fail to begin heating - red lights won't illuminate and the PID will stay off.

Below are photos for checking the power inlet wire on the PID and photos for checking if the water tank magnet is not interacting with the magnet switch.

Before attempting to remove the panels from the machine and check the PID, we recommend unplugging the machine. Tools required:

  • Phillips head screw driver

First check the water tank to make sure there is enough water in the tank and that the float is correctly raised up.

If the water tank is filled make sure the bottom of the water tank is fully pushed forward and seated correctly so the water tank magnet and the magnet sensor can correctly interact.

If the issue does not seem to be coming from the water tank, verify the PID is correctly connected.

With the machine unplugged you can push the wire in place and then turn the machine back on to see if it had come unplugged.