Repackaging Instructions

Repackaging the ECM Synchronika

Below you will find step by step instructions on the proper repackaging of the ECM Synchronika espresso machine.

1. First, you will need to drain the boilers.

2. Reinstall the butterfly-shaped screws in the bottom of the machine, securing the pump to the frame.

3. Put the bag over the top of the machine, the cord will get coiled up and put where the drip tray usually sits on the outside of the bag.

Repackaging the ECM Synchronika

4. The rear feet of the machine should line up with the holes in the bottom piece of foam in the box.

Repackaging the ECM Synchronika

5. With the machine in the box, the large foam sheet will go around the backside of the machine.

Repackaging the ECM Synchronika

6. Place the top piece of foam over the machine.

Repackaging the ECM Synchronika

7. Last, place the top tray of accessories on the top.

Note: Each item has a specific slot where it belongs.

(1+2) The two portafilters

(3) Drain tray

(4) Grouphead brush and backflush blank

(5) Drip tray, manual and the cup riser tray placed upside down, as to prevent it from scratching the drip tray

(6) Tamper, in its box

Repackaging the ECM Synchronika

8. Place the machine box into a larger, outer box with padding on all sides, top and bottom before shipping.