Steaming Milk

Steam Wand Tips and Milk Steaming Speed

If steaming milk is either happening too slowly or faster than you can control, you may be able to improve the experience by switching the steam tip.

If you're getting too large of bubbles or the milk is hot before you're able to think about it, then we'd definitely recommend you try a two hole steam tip. If your machine didn't include one, then we stock an excellent two hole steam tip from Profitec which is designed to fit most insulated "no burn" steam wands. We find it very forgiving and easy to use because the holes are placed right next to each other. It uses a male thread and fits the LUCCA A53, La Spaziale Vivaldi Line, as well as our Profitec, Quick Mill, Izzo and Rocket machines (and likely others). We have three and four hole steam tips available as well.

Generally, we recommend a two hole steam tip for steaming less than six ounces of milk, and a three or four hole steam tip for steaming more than six ounces of milk. Keep in mind that as steam boilers increase in size, so does steam volume and power. And if you use too aggressive of a steam tip, your boiler will run out of pressure more quickly. As you progress in espresso, it's common to use less milk over time to taste more of the espresso. So if you'd like to slow the process down in the future keep this in mind.