Baratza Sette 270

Baratza Sette 270: Quick Start Guide

Welcome to your Barazta Sette 270! View our quick start guide below to help you get started.

Inside the box, you will find your Quick Start Guide and online you can find the User Manual. First, remove the grinder, in the burrs you will find a silica packet which is included to keep the burrs from rusting, discard that. Unwrap your power cord, grounds bin, hopper, and grounds catcher.

To install the hopper for the first time, ensure the on/off valve key is pointing toward the rear of the machine. Set the hopper into place and lock it clockwise into position. The key will be pointing directly towards the rear of the machine.

Set the grounds catcher and bin into position. Plug the power cord into the back of the machine and plug the cord into the wall.

Grind Timers

The grinder has three factory presets for the timers: 10 seconds, 20 seconds, and 30 seconds. Select the preset you would like to program adjust the time with the Grind Time arrows on the right and press and hold the preset button until it flashes indicating your time setting has been saved.

Press the Play/Pause button to begin your grinder timed setting. You can pause the grind with the same button and press it once more to resume the rest of the time setting. Pressing the Stop button will reset the remaining time.

Grind Adjustments

The rings below the burrs on the grinder will adjust your grind setting, you have a clicking macro on the top ring and smooth micro grind adjustment on the bottom ring. It is recommended to run the motor whenever you are making a grind adjustment.

Removing Burrs for Cleaning

Rotate the clicking macro adjustment toward the course setting and continue going until the notch lines up with the blue arrow. The assembly will drop free from the grinder giving you access to cleaning the burrs.

To reassemble the burrs, rotate the black plastic ring on the assembly until the notches fall into place in the grinder, push the burrs up gently to slide them into place. Once it is flush align the blue dot and blue arrow, press up firmly and rotate the assembly back into place. The Sette will only run when the macro adjustment is in between the grind setting numbers.

Portafilter and Drip

The Sette can hold pour over drippers with the included arms. Press down firmly on the portafilter holder arm and swing it into place when using for espresso. Press the right arm firmly back into the grinder until you feel both arms swing. Move them until they lock into place in a down position.

Grind Recommendations

For a fine drip setting with a V60 or Kalita, set your grinder at #15. For espresso, we recommend a starting point of #5. See Baratza's full list of Recommended Grinder Settings.

Helpful Links

Baratza handles their own warranty and service in-house. You can reach them by phone at 425-641-1245 or by email at If you need your proof of purchase or have any questions, please let us know.