Baratza Sette 270W

Baratza Sette 270W: Not Dosing Accurately

Our friends from Baratza have provided some helpful information that we thought we'd have to share! If you've experienced any symptoms of inaccuracy with your Sette 270W, you may find the solution here.


My Sette 270W consistently has incorrect dosing by a specific amount

If dosage is consistently incorrect by a specific amount (generally ± 1 gram), the offset needs adjustment. Please follow these instructions:

1. Unplug the grinder

2. Plug in the grinder

3. The display will read “8.0..” then being cycling up, press and hold both UP and DOWN buttons

4. The screen will flash ‘ofs’ then you can let go of the buttons. A number will be displayed

5. For espresso grinding we recommend an offset of ~1.1, coarse grinding we recommend ~2.0

6. To change the offset press UP to increase it or DOWN to decrease

7. Press play to lock in the change


Baratza Sette 270W: Not Dosing Accurately

My Sette 270W seems to be under dosing of variable amounts (generally >1 gram)

If your 270W is under dosing, taking a long time to tare, or is not counting up linearly while grinding, your grinder may be rocking slightly on the counter. The 270W comes equipped with a high end Acaia scale for accurate weight based dosing, but the scale is sensitive to vibration and rocking motions. The grinder needs to be placed on a flat, sturdy surface, and sit firmly with all feet resting on the counter. To check if the feet are the cause of the dosing issue, get down to counter level and look to see which feet are not making solid contact with the counter top, and rock the machine around to see if any feet lift.

  1. Rotate the bean shutoff knob to the CLOSED position; press the START button to purge any remaining beans. Remove the power plug from the power outlet. Remove the hopper by rotating it counterclockwise until it stops, and then lift the bean hopper off of the grinder housing.
  2. Turn the grinder upside down and set on a cloth.
  3. Inspect all five feet, if any aren’t fully inserted into their slot, remove the foot, dampen lightly with water and thoroughly reinsert.
  4. Turn grinder right side up and check that all feet are making solid connection with the counter.
  5. Do a test grind to see if issue is resolved.

If the grinder still has under dosing issues. It is important to check that the portafilter hook is secure. For more information on how to check if the portafilter's hook is secure, check out :)

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