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Dalla Corte Max: User Manual

Set Up Your Dalla Corte Max. In this manual, you should find everything you to need to operate and maintain your flat burr espresso grinder.

Please read carefully before using your Dalla Corte Max.

If you have any other questions, be sure to contact us.

Manufacturer Manual in PDF

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Grinder Cleaning & Maintenance

65mm Flat Burr, 500 Watts, 1350 RPM

Dial in | Espresso Recipe

Insert the hopper in the top of the grinder and twist clockwise to lock into place (counterclockwise to remove). Open the tab at the bottom of the neck to allow beans to flow into the grinder. You are ready to fill your hopper with beans. Seat the black tray in place to catch loose grounds.

Plug in your grinder into a standard 110 outlet. Power up your grinder by flipping the switch on the top right into an On position, the green led light above the lightning bolt icon will illuminate.

Program timers for two preset doses, press and hold the small round push button in the middle of the front panel, then adjust using the one or two cup time by turning the respective dial, clockwise for more time and counter clockwise for less time. Every beep indicates 1/10th of a second adjustment, turning counter-clockwise you will eventually hear the a four tone beep indicating it has reached it lowest time setting of 1 second grind time. Turning clockwise you will hear a single beep for each 1/10th setting until it reaches the maximum time setting of 6 seconds, indicated by a four tone beep. Timer settings are automatically saved even when the machine is turned off. We recommend you start off at 3.5 seconds and measure your gram output with a scale you should be within a few tenths of a second of your target output (18-20g for a double shot).

To run the dose engage your portafilter spouts against the lower knobs (or engage by pressing with your finger when using a bottomless portafilter). The left (longer) knob engages the two cup setting and the right (shorter) knob engages the one cup setting. Releasing the grind button earlier than the set time will pause the grind, the white LED light will continue to flash indicating a paused grind time, engaging the same grind lever will continue the remainder of the grind time.

Grind settings can be adjusted by firmly pushing the stainless steel button at top and turning the grinder collar clockwise to adjust the grind finer and counter clockwise to adjust courser. Make adjustments gradually turning 1-2 notches maximum and running the motor especially when adjusting finer. Over-tightening may cause the burrs to seize and your grinder will stop running. If this happens back up the adjustment to the course setting until your motor is able to run again. You will see noticeable changes in your espresso with 1-2 notch adjustments.

Adjustments for the portafilter holder fork height adjustment will accommodate various portafilter sizes. Loosen the bolts on either side of the portafilter fork using an adjustable wrench, do not remove the bolts completely. Move your fork up or down into a position that fits your preferred portafilter so that the basket sits level and secure without needing to be held. Tighten down the bolts to lock your adjustment setting in place.