General Maintenance

ECM Synchronika: Updated PID Settings

The advanced PID settings on the ECM Synchronika allow you to modify operating parameters such as temperature offset and can be a handy tool if you are looking to make subtle, specific changes to the way your machine maintains temperature.

*NOTE: If you are installing the new updated PID you MUST also have the updated 2.5bar safety valve installed: Synchronika Safety Valve Update

To enter the advanced PID settings mode on the PID of the Synchronika:

1. Turn your machine off

2. Hold down both the left and right button on the PID at the same time

3. While both PID buttons are pressed down, turn the machine on and wait for "F.01" to appear

From here, you are in advanced PID settings mode. You can change your machine to function in Celsius or Fahrenheit, switch between 15 and 20 amp power modes (on applicable machines), change boiler temperature offset, and adjust boiler temperature.

To change a setting, press the left button on the PID until the setting you wish to change is showing. Press the right button on the PID to view that setting's current value, and while the current value is shown press the right and left buttons to adjust it up and down. To exit advanced PID settings mode and save your settings, simply turn the machine off and back on again.

When your new machine is bench tested for you, the Clive techs go through and set recommended settings on each of the machine's PIDs. We have done extensive testing to ensure the best performance out of each machine, taking into account temperature, reheating and amperage. Clive does not recommend changing of the P, I, D, or b settings on any of the machines. Changing those 4 settings will change the way the machines reheat and maintain temperature.

The settings that we recommend changing if you are looking for something a little different are:

The setting for which temperature scale you would like to use, commonly shown in the PID settings as F.01. - C (celsius), and F (fahrenheit)

The setting to change the temperature of the coffee boiler, commonly shown in the PID settings as T1.

The setting to change the temperature of the steam boiler, commonly shown in the PID settings as T2.

NOTE: We do not recommend changing P, I, D or b settings. These change the algorithms for reheating and maintaining boiler temperature. They are preset by Clive technicians and changing the settings can damage your machine.

The Clive recommended settings for the updated Synchronika PID are as follows:

F.01 - F

F.02 - 7

FIL - 0

P1 - 2.5

I1 - 0.02

d1 - 8.0

b1 - 10

P2 - 17.5

I2 - 0.09

d2 - 25.0

b2 - 2

P3 - 2.5

I3 - 0.02

d3 - 8.0

b3 - 10

Cln - 0

T1 - 201

T2 - 265

T3 - 200

E1 - 27

E2 - 0

E3 - 0

L1 - 0

L2 - 0

L - 0

o2 - on

Eco - off