General Maintenance

Bezzera BZ10: Steam/Hot Water Valve Joystick Seal Gasket Replacement

A leaking hot water tap or a steam wand that fails to dispense steam may be the result of an obstructed or worn joystick seal gasket. The following instructions are the same for both valves.

Tools needed:

- 16mm crescent wrench

- socket wrench + 19mm socket 

- flat head screw driver 


1. Start by removing the panels.

2. Locate the delivery tube attached to the steam/hot water valve on the front of the machine. With a 16mm wrench, loosen the nut attached to the copper tube:



2. *Carefully* push the copper pipe to the side. Make sure not to bend or twist the copper pipe, if it breaks or there is a crack it will need to be replaced. 



3. Using the socket wrench and a 19mm socket, remove the adapter piece on the back of the steam/ hot water valve:

(You might need to hold the valve from the front to help stabilize while loosening the adapter from the back.) 




4. Remove the steam/hot water valve from the front of the machine and locate the joystick seal gasket. Using a flat head screw driver, unscrew the joystick seal gasket from the valve.


Once the gasket is out, you can swap it out for a new one and follow the steps above in reverse order to reinstall the valve and the delivery tube.