General Maintenance

Bezzera BZ10: Resetting the Safety Switch

Sometimes called safety thermostats or high-limit switches, these components protect your machine in the even of an over-temperature condition. Learn how to re-set the safety switch by following along with this article

Tools needed:

- small flat head screw driver 


1. Start by removing the panels. 

2. Identify the safety switch attached to the bottom of the boiler. There is a red square button in the middle of the safety switch. This button pops up to break continuity through the switch to prevent the machine from continuing to heat in the event that the boiler gets too hot. 


3.  Using a small flat head (or another long tool) carefully press down on the button to re-set the safety switch. You should feel a slight "click".
(You can use your finger if the machine is cool or a screwdriver if the boiler is still hot. Avoid touching either of the electrical connectors as you do this.)


The safety switch has been reset! Now you can turn on your machine to test.