General Maintenance

Bezzera Duo DE: User Manual

In this manual, you should find everything you need to operate and maintain your Bezzera Duo DE espresso machine.

Please read carefully before operating your dual boiler, rotary pump espresso machine. For a list of specifications, included accessories, and other details on the Bezzera Duo DE, check out our website. For setup information, please see the setup guide.

Getting Started: 

After reading through the Bezzera Duo DE Setup Guide, test your water. Espresso machines have specific requirements when it comes to water. There are two primary considerations: filtration and hardness. Please carefully read about the importance of water in espresso to understand how water affects your espresso machine. For further learning, check out Coffee School's Water 101

Note: It's essential to test your water, filter, and soften to obtain 35-85 ppm to avoid scale and damage to your machine. RO (reverse osmosis) or distilled water does not contain enough mineral content and could cause issues to your machine. The SCA Water for Brewing Standards explains what's needed to obtain water that's suitable for your machine and coffee.

First Time Setup: Selecting Water Source 

  • The Duo will arrive in reservoir mode. If you wish to use the machine in plumbed-in mode, you will need to install the included plug into the reservoir before connecting the machine to a water line. Press the Bezzera logo on the top left corner of the touchscreen, followed by the gear icon to access settings mode. Scroll down using the arrows and press Water Source to select the plumbed option (faucet icon). Press OK to save. If using the reservoir, be sure to leave a few inches at the top to prevent spillage as this can cause electrical damage. The reservoir is removable. Note: the water tank sensor sits a couple of inches above the bottom of the reservoir as a safety feature to ensure the tank is never completely empty. When the machine reads that it's out of water, you may have a little water at the bottom of your reservoir. If plumbing, ensure your water line is completely off during install. Once you've attached your braided line, check for leaks at all connection points after opening the waterline.
  • We recommend performing the sensor calibration using the water reservoir as described in the Advanced Settings section below. 

    First Time Setup: Connecting to Power & Filling Boilers

    • The Bezzera Duo DE comes with a 20 amp plug and requires a dedicated 20 amp circuit if you wish the use the feature allowing both boilers to heat simultaneously. Otherwise, program boiler priority in the settings and run off a 15 amp circuit with a converter cable. Consult your electrician when using converters or running multiple appliances off one circuit, like your espresso machine. 
    • Turn your machine on by using the ON/OFF switch to the right of the group head. The boilers will begin to fill automatically. If they don't, ensure you've selected the correct water source, that your reservoir is full, or the plumb line is installed correctly. 

    Programming the PID: 

    The Bezzera Duo features a touch screen control panel to edit and modify various settings on the machine's face. On the home screen, you'll see the readout for temperature and pressure of both boilers, date and time, and the water level of your steam boiler (meter on the right).

    Brew Boiler Settings:

    • Tap the brew temperature (left-hand side of the PID). Press the plus or minus button to change the temperature in increments of two degrees. The brew boiler can be set between 192°F—204°F. We recommend starting at 199°F. 
    • Most likely, you'll always keep your brew boiler on, but the boiler ON/OFF setting allows you to turn a boiler off if you only need to steam milk or pull a shot. 
    • Press wetting to turn pre-infusion on or off and adjust in increments of half a second, up to five seconds.
    • Crono ON/OFF dictates whether or not the shot timer will appear on the home screen while brewing. 
    • Priority allows you to select which boiler to heat first. Typically the coffee boiler is the priority to heat. 
    Steam Boiler Settings:
    • Tap the steam temperature (right-hand side of the PID). Press the plus or minus button to change the temperature in increments of two degrees. The steam boiler can be set between 212°F—266°F. We recommend the highest setting for optimal steam pressure. 
    • Boiler ON/OFF setting allows you to turn the steam boiler off if you only need to pull a shot. 
    • Priority allows you to select which boiler to heat first. Typically the coffee boiler is the priority to heat. 

    Advanced Settings:

    The Bezzera logo on the top left-hand side of the screen will allow you to enter advanced settings. The drop menu displays four icons:

    1. Wipe — By selecting this option, the screen will freeze for 10 seconds allowing you to wipe the screen without the risk of changing settings.
    2. Gear — This will allow you to access all advanced settings.
    3. Shower — An automatic backflush with fast and slow options. Fast is five backflushes for ten seconds each. Slow is ten backflushes for ten seconds each. 
    4. Power — Standby mode allows the machine to be programmed to auto turn on and shut off. The main power switch needs to stay on when you set your machine to power on at a specific time. Use this setting to keep it in standby mode, so the machine cools until the programmed time. 
    Advanced Settings (Gear Icon)
    • Language — three language options 
    • Units — program the readout in Celcius or Fahrenheit 
    • LED Body RGB — this is for the Matrix models only. It changes the color of the lights to display through the panels. This does not change anything in the Bezzera Duo DE or MN. 
    • Lights — brighten and dim the shot lights behind the group head. 
    • Sensor Calibration — program the sensor in the water reservoir to recognize when the machine is out of water. We recommend doing this during setup before filling the reservoir, as the tank needs to be empty and dry. 
    • Maintenance — program maintenance reminders after a specified amount of shots pulled.
    • Water Filter — choose the number of days you wish to pass before the machine reminds you to swap the water filter. We recommend checking your water harness quarterly and changing filters 1-2 times a year, depending on your specific water. 
    • Date & Time — this displays on the home screen. The date is in the order of day, month, year. Time is set to military time. 
    • Auto ON/OFF —program your machine for specific times to turn on and cool down. 
    • Password — password protect your settings so others cannot make changes to your settings. 

    Additional Resources: 

    For help dialing in your equipment or pulling shots, check out the articles below or reach out to our team of coffee experts and technicians.