General Maintenance

Bezzera Duo DE: Setup Guide

Congratulations on your new Bezzera Duo DE Espresso Machine! In this guide, you should find everything you need to set up and operate your dual boiler espresso machine.

Important Setup Notes:

The Bezzera Duo requires setup upon delivery that includes reconnecting a fitting inside the unit, outlined in the process here.

If you will be plumbing the machine in to a water line, it's important to make sure that the line pressure going into the machine does not exceed 30-45 PSI. This will help prevent premature wear and potential damage to the machine.

Step 1: Inspect the box and the machine for damage

  • Remove the machine from the box and place it on a stable, level surface.
  • Before turning on the machine, inspect for damage that may have occurred during shipping. If you notice any damage, contact us immediately.
  • Please note that it is normal for a small amount of water to be on the machine when it arrives. It is also normal for the portafilter to not fit perfectly at 90 degrees!

  • Save all packaging in case of returns and repairs.

Step 2: Water quality and choosing your water source

  • Before introducing water to your machine, it's essential to test it to ensure it's adequately soft, around 50 ppm (parts per million). Use the included water test strips from your home barista starter kit to verify the hardness of your water. To learn more about our recommendations for water quality, check out our blog post, The Importance of Water and Your Espresso Machine.
  • Select your water source by pressing the Bezzera logo on the top left corner of the touchscreen, followed by the gear icon to access settings mode. Scroll down using the arrows and press Water Source to select either the water reservoir or plumbed option. Press OK to save. 
  • If operating the machine with the built-in reservoir, calibrate the water sensor before introducing water to the tank. Sensor Calibration in the PID's advanced settings programs the sensor in the water reservoir to recognize when the machine is out of water. The tank must be empty and completely dry. Once complete, fill the tank with filtered, softened water. Note: the water tank sensor sits a couple of inches above the bottom of the reservoir as a safety feature to ensure the tank is never completely empty. When the machine reads that it's out of water, you may have a little water at the bottom of your reservoir. 
  • The Duo will arrive in reservoir mode. If you wish to use the machine in plumbed-in mode, you will need to install the included plug into the reservoir before connecting the machine to a water line. Attach the included braided line to the direct water inlet on the bottom of the machine. To connect, screw on the line until hand tight, then use an adjustable wrench to tighten an additional quarter turn. Attach the other end of the braided line to a cold, filtered, and softened water source. Your water pressure should be between 25-40 PSI. Note: make sure to close your water line before plumbing the machine and check for leaks after opening the line back up.

Step 3: Turning on your machine and filling your boilers

  • The Bezzera Duo DE comes with a 20 amp plug and requires a dedicated 20 amp circuit if you wish to use the feature allowing both boilers to heat simultaneously. Otherwise, program boiler priority in the settings and run off a 15 amp circuit with a converter cable. Consult your electrician when using converters or running multiple appliances off one circuit off one circuit, like your espresso machine. 
  • Turn your machine on by using the ON/OFF switch to the right of the group head. The boilers will begin to fill automatically. If they don't, ensure you've selected the correct water source, that your reservoir is full, or the plumb line is installed correctly. 
  • The touchscreen displays the temperature of the brew and steam boilers. When heating, the bar underneath the temperature will be red. When it has reached its setting, it will be light grey. 
  • Once the boilers have filled and the machine is up to temperature, you're ready to begin pulling shots. 

Step 4: Programming your volumetric settings

  • To program your volumetric buttons, hold down the button with the Bezzera logo (5-6 seconds) until the light above begins to flash. 
  • Prep your portafilter with coffee. Distribute and tamp as usual and insert it in the group head.
  • Press the button you wish to program, pull your shot. Once you reach your desired yield, press the button with the Bezzera logo to end and save. Repeat these steps for every button. 

Step 5: Programming advanced settings

  • The Bezzera Duo features a touch screen control panel to edit and modify various settings on the machine's face. The home screen displays the readout for the temperature and pressure of the brew boiler (left) and steam boiler (right). Press the display to adjust boiler temperature, pressure, pre-infusion, the shot timer, and boiler priority. 
  • Press the Bezzera logo on the top left of the home screen to display advanced settings. You can program an automatic on and off schedule from this screen, calibrate the water level indicator, and set reminders to keep up to date with routine maintenance and water filter replacement. 
  • For more details on programming your machine, check out the Bezzera Duo DE user manual. 

Step 6: Pulling a Shot: