DF64 Single Dose

DF64 Single Dose: Setup Guide

Congratulations on your new DF64 espresso grinder. Let's get it set up!

Check the product page and the manufacturer's brochure for a list of included accessories, details, specs, and additional product information from DF64. See the User Manual for information on operating the grinder and for additional resources. 

Step one: Unboxing

  • After removing the grinder from its box, ensure you place it on a solid, level surface. 
  • Inspect the grinder for any damage. If you notice any, contact us immediately.
  • Insert the bellow and lid to the top of the grinder.
  • Plug the grinder in (this will automatically turn the grinder on).
  • Insert the dosing cup, if you choose. 

Step two: Operating your grinder

  • Do not make a grind adjustment until after you've pulled your first shot if you've elected for Clive's Dial-In service.
  • The grind setting of the DF64 grinder is adjusted by turning the top collar. Turning the collar clockwise adjusts the grind setting finer, and turning counter-clockwise adjusts the grind setting coarser, as indicated by the markings and metal indicator. Make small adjustments, as this mechanism is fairly sensitive. Please note: If you have upgraded to SSP burrs, the grind adjustment sticker will no longer be accurate. The LUCCA DF64 comes with SSP burrs installed, and the grind size label will reflect an accurate grine size.
  • It's advised to activate the grinder by the front switch underneath the chute, then put coffee into the hopper, and push down on the bellow a few times before deactivating the grinder. This method helps reduce retention.

Step three: Dialing in your grind

For help dialing in your grinder for the perfect shot, check out our article How to Dial In Your Espresso Grinder. Please note that Clive Coffee offers a grinder dial-in service if you prefer to have someone else do the work for you. For help pulling great shots, check out our Espresso 101 section to learn how to pull shots, steam milk, and more!