Brew Boiler Maintenance

Rancilio Silvia Pro X: Replacing the Brew Pressure Gauge

If your pressure gauge has stopped reading pressure, or is loose or leaking, you may need to replace it. Here's how

You'll need: 

- Phillips head screw driver

- 13mm wrench
- Fingies
-Towel (to catch any spills)
- Replacement gauge (if needed)

First, you'll need to unplug your machine and allow plenty of time for it to cool completely before you remove the panels  from your machine. You can leave the reservoir holder in place, but we will want to completely remove the front panel for this repair.

1. To remove the front panel, you will need to remove these 2 screws holding the group head cover in place.


2. With the cover off, the front panel should be held in place by two screws in front. To create a bit more room, you can remove the metal panels located on the sides of where the drip tray would be. 


3. Locate the capillary tube connecting to the gauge on the right side of the machine. Using a 13mm crescent wrench, turn the fitting counterclockwise to separate the copper tube from the gauge. You may want to place a towel underneath the fitting first as a small amount of water may come out of the capillary tube.


4. The gauge should then be held on by 2 more screws. Remove these and the gauge can come right out. 


5. There are 3 parts that you may need to replace onto the new gauge. These should all be fitted together finger tight, careful not to overtighten.


6. Follow these directions in reverse to assemble.