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ECM Casa V: Replacing the Boiler Element

Here's how to replace the element in your ECM Casa V boiler.

What you'll need: 

- 3mm allen key 

- 3mm long allen key

- 14mm wrench

- 17mm wrench


1) First, you'll need to drain your boiler, and remove the panels from your machine. Keep tabs on the locations of all connection points, electrical or otherwise throughout this process! Photos are great references if you forget placements.


2) Once inside the machine, take a look at the top of your steam boiler. It may look something like this:


3) Remove the electrical connections from each of the safety switches on the boiler.

4) Using a 14mm wrench, loosen the copper tube connections from the boiler.


5) Push tubing out of the way. Copper is a malleable metal, so it's okay to move it around (carefully).


6) Remove the foam insulation collar from around the body of the boiler.


7) Loosen the bracket screws underneath the boiler, next to where the grouphead protrudes from the machine. 

8) Using the longer 3mm allen key, loosen all six allen screws mounting the top of the boiler to the grouphead, as noted.



9) Lift the boiler off of the grouphead, careful not to break the fill tube inside the boiler cavity.


(fill tube)


10) Using the 17mm wrench, loosen and remove the nuts holding the element legs at the top of the boiler.

ECM-Casa-V-Boiler-Element-Nut Removal

11) Pull the element out of the boiler, and replace it with the new part. 


12) To install the new part, simply follow these instructions in reverse order. If you have any questions or need further assistance, contact us at