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ECM Mechanika V Slim: Replacing the Magnet Sensor

If your machine has stopped registering water in the reservoir, and your magnet float is floating, your sensor could be faulty.

You'll need:

- 2mm allen key


First,  you'll need to remove your panels.

The magnet sensor is located on the panel in back of the water reservoir, so remove the reservoir. ECM-Mechanika-Magnet-Sensor-Location

Using the 2mm allen key, remove the two screws fastening the magnet sensor to this panel. Warning: There are two nuts on the back side of this panel, so keep a hand on the back to avoid losing them.


Once the screws are removed, pull the sensor out.ECM-Mechanika-Magnet-Sensor-Removal

There are two wired connections that you'll need to remove. ECM-Mechanika-Magnet-Sensor-Connection

A helpful trick to get the spade connectors disconnected: Use a small flathead screwdriver or pick to pry the plastic cap off of the metal connector.ECM-Mechanika-Magnet-Sensor-Connection-Removal

Once both wires are disconnected, pull the magnet sensor free. 


Replace the magnet sensor by following these steps in reverse order.


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