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ECM Mechanika V Slim: Replacing the Pressure Stat

If your machine is struggling to build or maintain pressure, it may be time to replace your pressure stat.

What you'll need:

- (2) 17mm wrenches


First, you'll need to remove the panels from your machine. In the back left corner, you'll find your pressure stat. Remove the wired connections.ECM-Mechanika-PressureStat

Taking your wrench, remove the nut at the boiler connection point with the copper tube.  ECM-Mechanika-PressureStat-Boiler-Removal

This will allow you to handle the pressure stat without fear of twisting the malleable copper. Taking the stat and tube out, and using both 17mm wrenches, place them like this -ECM-Mechanika-PressureStat-Nut

With the thinner wrench holding the pressure stat steady, and the other on the nut fastening it to the copper tube, squeeze the two wrenches together to break the nut loose. ECM-Mechanika-PressureStat-Nut-Removal

Using your fingers, unscrew the nut from the stat, and pull the pressure stat free. ECM-Mechanika-PressureStat-Nut-Removal-2


To replace, fasten the new stat onto this tube and replace it on the boiler following these steps in reverse order. If you have any questions, reach out to us at