General Maintenance

ECM Mechanika V Slim: Draining Instructions

Here's how to drain your Mechanika V Slim for storage or shipment.

1) Begin with your machine fully heated.

2) Remove the reservoir from your machine.


3) Open your group head and allow all of the water to flow out into a pitcher.


4) Open your hot water wand and allow all of the water to drain out.


5) Allow your machine to fully cool with the group and hot water open. Close them back up before packaging.

NOTE: If you need to drain the boiler, but the machine doesn't heat, follow the instructions below.

1) Remove the panels from the machine.

2) Lay a towel down on a flat surface and set the machine on top of it. It would be best to do this near a sink or the edge of a counter with a large bucket.

3) Use a 17mm crescent wrench or adjustable wrench to unscrew the compression fitting shown.


4) Water will immediately start draining from the boiler. Tilt the machine over the sink or bucket until flow from the boiler stops.

5) Reattach the compression fitting and put the panels back on the machine.