General Maintenance

ECM Mechanika V Slim: Pump Replacement

The follow article shows you how to replace the vibratory pump on your Mechanika V Slim. This is necessary if your pump makes a low humming sound and never builds any pressure which is a sign that it failed. (Difficulty ☕☕)

Tools Required:

3mm Allen key

13mm wrench

12mm wrench

Thin flat blade

Teflon Tape

New Pump


1. You'll begin by unplugging the machine, letting it cool and 


2. Remove the two connectors from the vibratory pump


3. Remove the silicone tube from the inlet of the pump. Sometimes using a thin flat blade plus pulling with your fingers can help to remove the tubing easier.


4. Remove the pump bracket with a 3mm Allen Key


5. Remove the vibratory from the rubber dampener


6. Remove the braided line with a 13mm Wrench


7. Remove the vibratory pump


8. Slide the capacitor out of its slot


9. Use a 13mm wrench on the brass fitting for the vibratory pump and a 12mm or adjustable wrench to remove the elbow fitting


10. Before installing the new pump add Teflon tape to the elbow fitting and braided line connection.