General Maintenance

ECM Synchronika: Motor Removal

These are instructions for how to remove the motor from your ECM Syncronika

Tools Needed:

- 3mm Allen key

- 5mm Allen key

- 13mm wrench

- #2 Phillip's screwdriver


1. First, you'll need to remove all of the panels from the machine. 

2. Locate the pump and motor assembly on the left side of the machine.ECM-Synchronika-Motor-View

3. Using the 13mm wrench, remove the outlet water line and the capillary tube connections from the pump. ECM-Synchronika-Motor-Capillary-Tube-Removal

4. Remove the pump from the motor by loosening the collar with the standard Phillips screwdriver.ECM-Synchronika-Motor-Pump-Collar

5. Pull the pump away, careful not to misplace the brass turn-key that sits between the pump and motor. ECM-Synchronika-Motor-Key

6. Tip the machine forward to access the bottom of the machine. Rest the group head on a raised platform to avoid pressing on the joysticks.ECM-Synchronika-Motor-Tip-Support

7. Remove the four mount screws holding the motor in place using the 5mm allen key.ECM-Synchronika-Motor-Mount-Screws

8. Remove the two screws fastening the water reservoir tray using the 3mm Allen key, and move the reservoir holder up and out of the way. ECM-Synchronika-Motor-Water-Reservoir-ScrewsECM-Synchronika-Motor-Water-Reservoir-Holder

9. Rest the pump off to the side, and pull the motor out through the back of the machine. ECM-Synchronika-Motor-Removal

10. Unplug the wired connections here, and fully remove the motor ECM-Synchronika-Motor-Wiring


To replace the motor, you'll need to follow these directions in reverse. If you have any further questions or need assistance, contact us at