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Eureka Mignon Zero Espresso Grinder: User Manual

In this manual, you should find everything you need to operate and maintain your Eureka Mignon Zero espresso and grinder.

Before operating your new Eureka Mignon Zero grinder, make sure you have carefully read the Setup Guide. Check the product page for a list of included accessories, details, and specs. 

How to use the Mignon Zero grinder

  • Weigh out your desired coffee dose with the included 58mm dosing cup on a scale. Next, place the dosing cup on the portafilter rest. 
  • Check that the metal single-dosing hopper tab is closed before grinding.  
  • Once you press the grind switch on the right side of the grinder, open the metal hopper tab to feed the coffee beans through.
  • As soon as the last bean has dropped into the grind chamber, close the metal hopper tab.
  • Once no coffee is coming out of the grind chute, keep the tab closed and press the rubber bellows down to remove any residual coffee grounds. 
  • Turn off the grinder. 

Grind Adjustments

Adjust the grind setting by turning the small dial on top of the grinder. The grinder is infinitely adjustable, with the numbers serving merely as reference points. This means the dial can rotate 360 degrees several times until the burrs touch or the dial unthreads. Turning the dial clockwise (towards smaller numbers) adjusts the grind setting finer, and turning counter-clockwise (towards larger numbers) adjusts the grind setting coarser. When dialing in for espresso, make small adjustments, in increments of 1/4 - 1/2 a number at a time, as this mechanism is very sensitive. 

Using the grinder for drip coffee and pour-over will require a large adjustment, likely an entire 360-degree rotation or two. When moving from espresso to pour over, i.e., fine to coarse, it is okay that the grinder is not running. When making large adjustments back to espresso, i.e., coarse to fine, it's best to have the grinder running so that it does not jam. 

If coffee does not come through the grinder at any point, this could indicate that the setting is too fine or jammed. Open the burrs to free the coffee by turning counter-clockwise and making the setting coarser. 

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