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Eureka Oro Mignon: Inspecting and Cleaning the Burrs

This article provides a brief guide to inspecting and cleaning the burrs on Eureka Oro Mignon grinders, like the XL or Single Dose.

NOTE: If you need to access the chute or perform a more thorough cleaning, please reference the general Eureka Mignon grinder cleaning article.

Tools Needed:
- #2 Phillips screwdriver
- Pick or similar implement
- Vacuum with hose attachment

1. Gently pry the emblem cap off the back of the grinder to expose the top plate retaining screw; remove the screw and set it aside.

2. Remove the two screws securing the top burr carrier to the grind chamber.

3. Inspect the burr and burr carriers for damage or signs of wear.

4. Use a pick or similar implement to scrape away any built up coffee and/or cakey residue, then vacuum the grind chamber and re-assemble.