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Eureka Oro Mignon XL: Setup Guide Video

Congratulations on your new Eureka Oro Mignon XL espresso grinder. Dialing in your coffee grinder isn't always easy. We discuss the steps to fine-tune your burr grinder for the best possible extraction.

Join August as he demonstrates how to set up the Eureka Oro Mignon XL espresso grinder so you can begin to dial in your favorite coffees. 

Step one: Out of the box and onto the counter

  • Remove the grinder from its box and place it on a solid level surface.
  • Inspect the grinder for any damage. If you notice any, contact us immediately.
  • Place the hopper in the grinder and pull the gate open by sliding the tab outwards. If you plan to leave the hopper inserted, feel free to lightly tighten the hopper screw at the back to hold it in place. 
  • Insert the portafilter clip. 
  • Plug the grinder in and turn it on. When on, the display screen will illuminate. 
  • Fill your hopper with coffee.

Step two: Set timed dose

  • Set the timed dosing options by using a scale. Adjust time as needed to dispense your desired dose for each button. For example, if you’re using a double or triple basket, we recommend an 18-20g dose.
  • To grind in manual mode, press both shot buttons simultaneously. The grinder will continue to run until you disengage.

Step three: Dialing in your grind

  • If you elected for Clive to dial in your grinder, we recommend pulling a shot before making a grind adjustment. 
  • To adjust the grind size, move the continuous adjustment knob clockwise for a finer grind or counterclockwise for a coarser grind. 
  • Keep in mind that the timed dose may need to be adjusted once the grind size is set.

For help dialing in your grinder for the perfect shot, check out our article How to Dial In Your Espresso Grinder. For help pulling great shots, check out our Espresso 101 section to learn about pulling shots, steaming milk, and more!