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Eureka Mignon: User Manual (Perfetto/Silenzio/Specialita/Oro XL)

Set up your Eureka Mignon series grinder. In this manual, you should find everything you need to operate and maintain your flat burr espresso grinder.



Please read carefully before using your Eureka Mignon Specialita, Silenzio, or Perfetto.

If you have any other questions, be sure to contact us.

Setup Video

Grind Adjustment

The grind setting of the Eureka Mignon series grinders is adjusted by turning the small grind adjustment dial on the top of the machine. The grinder is infinitely adjustable, with the numbers serving merely as reference points. Turning the dial clockwise adjusts the grind setting finer and turning counter-clockwise adjusts the grind setting coarser. Make small adjustments as this mechanism is fairly sensitive.

On the Mignon Perfetto, the dial is especially sensitive, with the entire grind range on one rotation of the dial. The indicated grind ranges make for a good starting point, but you may occasionally find that you have to move outside of the range specified for a given brew method. This is not a defect but is simply caused by the inherent variations in coffee and overlap in grind sizes for different brew methods.

Timed Dosing

The Eureka Mignon grinders have two programmable timed dosing buttons on the touch screen labeled by one and two cup icons. To adjust the setting of either of these settings first press the dose button you'd like to edit. Then simply use the + and - touch buttons to increase or decrease the time displayed on the screen.

To use the grinder's manual grinding mode, simply press and hold the grind button. The grinder will activate after about 1 second. Upon release, the grinder will stop.

Technical Details

For a complete list of technical details, please see the spec table on our product page.

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