General Troubleshooting

LUCCA A53 Mini: No Water From Group Head

If you are not getting water out of the group head of your La Spaziale LUCCA A53 Mini espresso machine, follow the steps below to help find the root of the issue.

The water tank filter screen is clogged

The first and easiest thing to check is the machine's water tank filter screen. For testing purposes, just remove it from the machine entirely.

The fine mesh of the filter screen can be clogged easily, the material that the screen is made of can also degrade over time. It's not always possible to tell by visual inspection alone if the filter screen needs to be replaced, so for diagnostic purposes it's best to remove it completely from the machine before testing water flow or pressure conditions.

The water tank isn’t full

If the low water light is illuminated it means there is not a sufficient amount of water in the reservoir, or the water tank isn't being sensed by the water tank sensor. Refill the tank, ensure the white magnet float in the rear corner is not stuck at the bottom and the machine should be operational again.

Float in up position, with water in the reservoir.

Image from iOS (2)LUCCA A53 Mini: No Water From Group Head

Float in the down position, not able to be read by the sensor. Even with water in the reservoir, this float may stick to the bottom of the housing.

Image from iOS (3)-4LUCCA A53 Mini: No Water From Group Head

If the low water light does not go away after refilling the tank, look into the next step. If the low water light is not on move past the next step onto the following steps.

The water tank sensor needs to be moved forward

Occasionally, the water tank sensor will get pushed back a bit too far and will need to be moved forward. This is simple to do, all you'll need to do is remove the water tank, reach into the machine and pull the water tank sensor forward a bit. Before doing this, unplug the machine just to negate any possible safety hazards.

LUCCA A53 Mini: No Water From Group Head

The group head solenoid doesn't click open

When you press the one or two cup button there should be an audible "click" of the group head solenoid opening. If you do not hear this click, you may need to either clean the solenoid or replace it. If cleaning it does not work, contact us at for further assistance.

No flow from pump

If you hear a rattling sound coming from the machine, the pump may not be getting proper flow through it. You can verify flow through the pump by removing the panels, removing the fitting shown here and turning the pump on with it aimed into a cup. If you are not getting any flow and the pump is rattling, you may need a new pump.

LUCCA A53 Mini: No Water From Group Head
LUCCA A53 Mini: No Water From Group Head

If your machine is displaying the error code for the flowmeter alarm, which is the first 3 digits on the control panel when pressing the 1 cup button, or the 4-6th digits when pressing the 2 cup button, you can follow along with these next steps to determine where the blockage is occurring.

Blockage In Flowmeter: You may have a blockage in the flowmeter itself. If so, you will need to clean the flowmeter.

Blockage At 3-Way Valve: If your pump turns on and you get pressure showing on the gauge, you may have a blockage at the 3 way valve of the group head, which means you'll have to clean the group head solenoid.