General Maintenance

Lelit Bianca: PID Unit Replacement

If you need to replace the PID unit and display screen on your Lelit Bianca, here's how! (Difficulty ☕☕☕)

Tools needed:

- #2 Phillips screwdriver


First, you'll need to remove the panels

At the front of the machine, above the motor, you'll see the display fastened to the front face by this metal bracket.



Remove this screw from the bracket.



Then slide the bracket out of its slot on the other side.



Flip the display over to see the wired connection, and slide the bracket out of the way.Lelit-Bianca-Display-Bracket-Removal

Remove the connection.



Remove these two screws! It's okay for one to jut out longer than the other, it helps to keep the display straight and level. Lelit-Bianca-Display-Plate-1


Remove this panel and transfer to your new display! Follow these steps in reverse order, and reassemble. Lelit-Bianca-Display-Plate-Removal-1

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