General Maintenance

Lelit Bianca Pump/Steam Pressure Gauge Replacement

If you are needing to change out the pump/steam pressure gauge on your Lelit Bianca espresso machine, this article will show you how to do so. (Difficulty ☕☕☕)

Tools needed:

  • #2 Philips head screwdriver
  • Large flat head screwdriver
  • Microfiber towel (or another type of scratch resistant surface to rest your machine on)
  • 13mm Open-ended wrench
  • 14mm Open-ended wrench

1. Remove the panels of your Lelit Bianca.

2. Reinstall the rear feet and tip the machine back upright, with the pump/steam pressure gauge side closest to you.


3. Using a 13mm wrench loosen the capillary tubes connected to the top and bottom of the pump/steam pressure gauge.



4. Using a 14mm wrench loosen and remove the nuts holding the gauge to the mounting bracket. Be careful not to drop the nuts into the cavity of the machine.


5. Remove the old gauge and mounting bracket. Be careful to not drop the bracket into the cavity of the machine.



6. Install the new gauge following these steps in reverse order.  Repanel your machine.

7. Give yourself a high-five. You're done!