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Lelit Bianca: Steam Boiler Fill Solenoid Inspection and Cleaning

Use these instructions to check your machine's steam boiler fill solenoid and clear it of any debris that may be preventing the boiler from filling normally.

Tools Needed:
- 12mm, 13mm, 17mm crescent wrenches
- Adjustable wrench (optional)

1. Remove the panels from the machine.

2. Identify the steam boiler fill solenoid.

3. Disconnect the electrical leads from the solenoid box. Take note of their orientation for reassembly.

4. Use the 13mm wrench to remove the solenoid box retaining nut.


5. Use the 17mm and 12mm wrenches together to unscrew the solenoid armature from the brass valve body. Place the 12mm wrench on the tool flats of the X-fitting as shown, hold firmly in place while turning the armature with the 17mm wrench.
(You can use a large adjustable wrench in place of the 12mm wrench to get more stability.)

6. Remove the armature from the valve body and inspect and clean the plunger and rubber sealing surface. Clean inside the armature. Make sure the main passage in the valve body is clear and free of debris.

7. Before reassembly, make sure that the plunger spring compresses and moves smoothly. Clean if necessary.

8. Use these steps in reverse to reassemble the steam boiler fill solenoid.