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Lelit Bianca: Vacuum Breaker Inspection and Service

A dripping drain valve, weak or absent steam/hot water, intermittent pressure-relief sounds that continue long after the machine has reached full temperature — these are all signs that your Bianca's vacuum breaker may need attention. (Difficulty ☕☕)

Tools needed:
- 17mm crescent wrench or deep socket
- Needle-nose pliers
- Phillips head screwdriver
- Flat head screwdriver

Parts needed:
Vacuum Breaker Rebuild Kit

1. Remove the top panel.

2. Locate the vacuum breaker and remove the flexible tube.

3. Using a crescent wrench or deep socket, carefully unscrew the vacuum breaker cap. (You may need to hold the bottom fitting with a second wrench to keep it from turning with the cap.)

4. Gently grip the vacuum breaker valve stem with the needle-nose pliers and pull the internal components free. Take note of the internal components' assembly orientation.


5. Inspect the internal components for scale build-up or signs of wear. It may be possible to resolve the issue by simply cleaning these components thoroughly and reassembling OR you may need to replace them with new parts before reassembly.

6. Don't forget to inspect and clean inside the cap and lower fitting!