Lelit Victoria: Priming the Vibratory Pump

This article shows you how to prime your pump to allow water to flow from the reservoir tank to the boiler and grouphead. If you get no water flow, try priming!

What you'll need:

- Syringe or baster, something to force water into the inlet tube

*removing the top panel of the machine is optional*


To prime the pump, you'll need to access the pump inlet tube. This is usually indicated by the large particle conical filter on the end of the tube. If you'd like to confirm this is the pump inlet tube, Remove the Top Panel and locate the tube that goes directly down the side of the machine to the pump. (the other tube is an outlet and is connected to the blue 3-way connector)

Turn the machine on, then, remove the filter from the end of the tube. 


Fill the syringe or other water delivery tool with water, and insert it into the end of the tube, forcing water inside.


As you are forcing water into the tube, engage the pump by pressing the brew button on the front of the machine. Turn the pump on and off, allowing it to run for 10 one-second intervals. 


Replace the tube into a full water reservoir tank, and allow the pump to run until water comes through the grouphead. If you still do not see water after 20-30 seconds, turn the machine off and try re-priming, following these instructions again. If you are still experiencing issues, contact us at