Brew Boiler Maintenance

LUCCA A53 / Mini / Vivaldi: Testing the Coffee Boiler Heating Element

If your Lucca A53 fails to heat properly, trips the GFCI on start-up, or displays the "120-ECO" or "97-ECO" error code, there may be a fault with the coffee boiler heating element. Follow these instructions to test the element with a multimeter.

Tools needed:
- Multimeter

1. Remove the panels from the machine.

2. Identify the coffee boiler heating element legs and remove the power supply connections.

3. Set your multimeter to the resistance setting (Ω) and set the range to the lowest setting. Then touch the probes to the heating element legs, allow the multimeter display to stabilize. When working properly, the La Spaziale coffee boiler heating element normally tests at 15Ω (+/-1.5Ω).

4. A significantly higher resistance value or an O.L. reading indicates a damaged element that will need to be replaced. (It's rare for heating elements to test at a lower resistance value.)

NOTE: While rare, it is possible for a heating element to test at a normal resistance value and still be defective. If you've eliminated all other possibilities, proceed with replacing the heating element.