General Troubleshooting

LUCCA A53 Mini / La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi: Fuse Housing Inspection and Replacement

Below are photo instructions for inspecting and replacing a fuse housing on a La Spaziale S1 Mini. If your machine isn't getting power, the fuse housing may be damaged. (Difficulty ☕☕)

If a new fuse housing is needed, the part is available on the website here: La Spaziale Fuse Housing

Tools Needed:
- #2 Phillips head screw driver
- #3 Phillips head screw driver
- 17mm crescent wrench

1. With the machine unplugged and cool to the touch, remove the lower front panel by unscrewing the indicated screws.

2. Remove the access plate from the lower right of the machine by unscrewing the single screw.

3. Look straight back into the front of the machine on the right-hand side, the fuse housing will be sticking through the bottom of the machine with two electrical leads connected. Look for any signs of damage to the housing or the electrical leads.


1. With the machine unplugged and the front panel off, proceed to remove the back panel.

2. Now that you have access to both sides of the fuse housing, unplug the two electrical connectors as indicated.

LUCCA A53 / La Spaziale Vivaldi: Fuse Housing Replacement

3. Use the 17mm crescent wrench to loosen the plastic retaining nut on the fuse housing. Hold the retaining nut in place with the wrench, then unscrew the fuse housing from the bottom of the machine by hand.

4. Once removed install the new fuse housing by following the above steps in reverse order.