LUCCA DF64 Single Dose: Setup Guide

Congratulations on your new LUCCA DF64 espresso grinder. Let's get it set up!

Check the product page and the manufacturer's brochure for a list of included accessories, details, specs, and additional product information from LUCCA and DF64. See the User Manual for information on operating the grinder and for additional resources. 

Step one: Unboxing

  • After removing the grinder from its box, ensure you place it on a solid, level surface. 
  • Inspect the grinder for any damage. If you notice any, contact us immediately.
  • Insert the bellow and lid to the top of the grinder.
  • Plug the grinder in (this will automatically turn the grinder on).
  • Insert the dosing cup, if you choose. 

Step two: Operating your grinder

  • Do not make a grind adjustment until after you've pulled your first shot if you've elected for Clive's Dial-In service.
  • The grind setting of the DF64 grinder is adjusted by turning the top collar. Turning the collar clockwise adjusts the grind setting finer, and turning counter-clockwise adjusts the grind setting coarser, as indicated by the markings and metal indicator. Make small adjustments, as this mechanism is fairly sensitive. 
  • It's advised to activate the grinder by the front switch underneath the chute, then put coffee into the hopper, and push down on the bellow a few times before deactivating the grinder. This method helps reduce retention.

Step three: Dialing in your grind