Lucca M58: Resetting the PID

Many issues related to the Lucca M58's heating function can be resolved by simply resetting the PID controller.

1. With the machine plugged in, but powered off. Press and hold the right PID button.

2. Continue pressing and holding the right PID button as you flip the main power switch to power the machine on.

3. Keep pressing the right PID button as the machine powers on and the PID initializes. The PID will initially display the 3-digit firmware code, e.g. "100". If you continue to hold the right PID button for 2-3 seconds, the display will switch to the "Pr5" message. 

4. Release the PID button and power cycle the machine (turn it off and back on again). The PID is now reset. Be sure to confirm that the reset PID settings match Clive's recommended PID settings.