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Mahlkönig X54: Setup Guide Video

Congratulations on your new Mahlkönig X54 home coffee grinder. We know that dialing in your grinder can be tricky, so we've created this easy-to-follow setup guide with you in mind.

Join August as he demonstrates how to set up the Mahlkönig X54 Coffee Grinder so you can begin to dial in your favorite coffees.


Step one: Out of the box and onto the counter

  • Remove the grinder from its box and place it on a solid level surface.
  • Inspect the grinder for any damage. If you notice any, contact us immediately.
  • Put the hopper on top of the grinder with the tab facing the right. Push down on the hopper lid while sliding the tab toward the left to lock it in place. 
  • The Mahlkönig comes with two swappable front plates. The one installed in the grinder is for drip coffee and pour overs, while the extra one is meant for espresso. Swap the plates by pressing the button on the right-hand side of the grinder. 
  • Plug the grinder in and turn it on by using the switch in the back. When on, the display screen will illuminate. 
  • Fill your hopper with coffee.

Step two: Set timed dose

  • Set the timed dosing options by using a scale. Adjust time as needed to dispense your desired dose for each button. For example, if you’re using a double or triple basket for espresso, we recommend an 18-20g dose.
  • The Mahlkönig has 4 programmable options that can each be set to run for different times. These could be used for various brew methods or doses for espresso. To switch between them, rotate the dial next to the screen.
  • To program each setting, push the dial in and hold down until it flashes zero.
  • Press the dial to move between tens, ones, and tenths of a decimal. For example, if you want your grinder to run for 32.5 seconds, you'll press the dial down to adjust it to 3 in the tens place (farthest to the left), 2 in the ones place (to the left of the decimal), and press the dial again to adjust to 5 in the tenths (to the right of the decimal). 
  • To save, hold down the dial. 

Step three: Dialing in your grind

  • To adjust the grind size finer, move the dial clockwise toward smaller numbers. To move coarser, move counterclockwise toward large numbers.
  • A good starting point for espresso is around 5 and 25 for filter coffee. Though a great place to start, this may require tweaking as grind size will change depending on your brew method and coffee. 
  • Keep in mind that the timed dose may need to be adjusted once the grind size is set.

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