Boiler & Group Head

Profitec Pro 500: Inspecting/cleaning the Fill Probe

If your boiler isn't filled up to the proper lever, you could be getting 'wet' steam or inconsistent temperature when brewing, you may need to clean your fill probe. Here's how:

Tools Needed:

- 3mm allen key

- (if needed) small adjustable wrench


1) First you'll need to turn off your machine and remove the top panel to expose the boiler.


2) With the top panel removed, you can locate the fill probe.


3) Unplug the fill probe and remove it from the boiler entirely. (if it's stuck in place, you'll need to loosen the top nut, just below the fill probe top.)

4) With the probe removed, clean off any scale or film with an abrasive sponge until it is shiny.


5) Replace everything back in place (don't forget to tighten the top nut if you loosened it)

6) Turn your machine back on to test.

7) Enjoy your coffee!