Boiler & Group Head

Profitec Pro 500: Inspecting/cleaning the Fill Probe

If your boiler isn't filled up to the proper lever, you could be getting 'wet' steam or inconsistent temperature when brewing, you may need to clean your fill probe. Here's how:

Tools Needed:

- 3mm allen key
- Small adjustable wrench
- Wire brush or scouring pad

1) First you'll need to turn off your machine and remove the top panel to expose the boiler.


2) With the top panel removed, you can locate the fill probe.


3) Unplug the red wire from the top of the fill probe.

4) Use the small adjustable wrench to loosen the top retaining nut on the fill probe assembly, then pull up on the fill probe to slide it out of the assembly.
(if it's stuck in place, you'll need to remove the whole assembly as shown in this guide: Profitec Pro 400: Cleaning the Fill Probe )

5) With the probe removed, clean off any scale or film with a wire brush or scouring pad until it is shiny.


6) Reinstall the fill probe and tighten the retaining nut, then plug the red wire back onto the fill probe.

7) Power your machine back on and drain the boiler.
NOTE: This last step is important as the boiler will still be over-full from last time.