Maintenance and Repair

Profitec Pro 400: Cleaning the Fill Probe

If the boiler in your Pro 400 over-pressurizes or the pump runs until the boiler overflows, the culprit could be a dirty fill probe. Even a tiny bit of build-up can prevent the probe from accurately reading the water level in the boiler.

Tools Needed:
- 13mm crescent wrench
- Scouring pad or steel wool or wire bristle brush

NOTE: The machine should be unplugged and cool to the touch before you begin.

1. Start by removing the panels from the machine.

2. Create room to work by removing the reservoir tray and setting it aside.

3. Identify the fill probe.

4. Remove the electrical lead from the fill probe.

5. Use the 13mm wrench to loosen the fill probe assembly's upper retaining nut.

6. Pull the the fill probe out of the machine.
(Extensive build-up may prevent the probe from sliding out easily.)

7. Use the method of your choice to clear the build up from the fill probe.
(Remember even a tiny bit of build-up can cause problems, take your time and be thorough.)

8. Re-install the fill probe by following these directions in reverse.

NOTE: On the first start up after cleaning the fill probe the boiler will likely need to be purged, as it will still be over-full from the last time the machine was used.

To do this, start with the machine off and direct the hot water wand into a large pitcher, then fully open the hot water knob and power the machine on. As the machine reaches full temperature, water will begin to flow from the hot water wand. Wait for ~8-12 fl oz to be dispensed, then turn the hot water knob to the fully closed position and allow the machine to finish heating as normal.