Boiler & Group Head

Profitec Pro 500: Cleaning the Temperature Probe

If your Pro 500 is heating inconsistently, you might need to clean the machine's temperature probe. Here's how:

Tools Needed

- 2.5 mm allen key

- 3 mm allen key

- Adjustable wrench
- Scouring pad or wire brush
- PTFE Tape (plumber's tape)

1) Remove the panels

2) Locate the temperature probe on the right side of the boiler.


3) Follow the wires from the probe and disconnect at the black connector behind the boiler.


4) With your adjustable wrench, unscrew the temperature probe from the boiler.


5) Use the scouring pad or wire bristled brush to thoroughly clean any deposits or build up from the temperature probe. Be sure to clean any leftover thread sealant from the probe's threads and the boiler as well.


6) Apply a few wraps of PTFE tape to the probe's threads and screw it back in.

7) Before you put the panels back on, turn your machine on to test it.