Maintenance and Repair

Profitec Pro 600: Reset the PID

Follow these steps to reset the PID on your Profitec Pro 600 espresso machine. This procedure is the same for any ECM/Profitec model equipped with a PID controller.

Tools Needed:
- Fingies

1. With the machine powered OFF, press and hold the "+" button on the PID control unit.

2. Keep pressing and holding as you power the machine on.

3. Keep pressing and holding until the PID initializes. You may see a three digit PID code appear, continue to press and hold.

4. After 3-5 seconds the PID display will read "Pr5" — this indicates that the PID has been reset. You can now release the "+" and power cycle the machine. If FIL comes on the screen, lift the brew lever for 30 seconds to restore the PID to its factory settings.

5. Refer to this article to set the PID to Clive's recommended settings:
PID Settings and Clive Recommended Settings