Cleaning & Maintenance

Profitec Pro 800: Replacing the Boiler Element

If your Pro 800 has stopped heating or is tripping, you may need to replace the boiler element.

What you'll need: 

- 6mm allen key


First, you'll need to drain the boiler by allowing the machine to fully heat, turning the machine off, and opening the hot water arm until the built-up pressure pushes all water from the boiler. Allow the machine to cool, and remove the panels from your machine. You can access the boiler element from the left side of the machine. Profitec-Pro-800-Boiler-Element

Before going further, remove the wired connections from the element legs. Profitec-Pro-800-Boiler-Element-wiring

Using your 6mm allen key (or bit), remove the three nuts fastening the element to the boiler. Profitec-Pro-800-Boiler-Element-Nut


Pull the element from the boiler.Profitec-Pro-800-Boiler-Element-Removal


Replace the element and gasket with new parts following these steps in reverse order. If you have any questions, contact us at