Steam Boiler Maintenance

Rancilio Silvia Pro/Pro X: Draining Your Boilers

If you need to drain your boilers to pack your machine for travel, or for storage or cleaning purposes, please follow along with these steps.

For your convenience, here is our step by step instructions to drain the boilers on your Rancilio Pro/Pro X. These steps are also outlined in the manual. 

Note: If you are unable to turn the machine on, please see these articles for how to drain your boilers manually (Brew Boiler, Steam Boiler)

1. The machine should be on and fully heated/pressurized.

2. To enter the programs of your PID, you must press and hold the plus and minus buttons simultaneously for about three to five seconds, until the PID reads "t2". This indicates you have successfully entered programming mode.

3. To navigate through the settings, use the minus button to scroll and the plus to enter the options. 

4. To empty the brew boiler, place a container underneath the group head, and press the minus button on the PID until you see the F.03.

5. Press the coffee button to select F.03 and water will begin to drain. When the water has stopped, press and hold the plus and minus buttons once more for three to five seconds. 

5. To empty the steam boiler, place a large container underneath the water spout and press the minus button on the PID until you see F.04.

6. Press the coffee button to select. Once this boiler has been drained, you may turn the machine off and unplug it. If you are storing your machine or placing it in a box for transfer, make sure the water reservoir is completely empty and dry. 

***Please note that in any scenario, the machine must be stored in a temperature-controlled, dry environment.