Steam Boiler Maintenance

Rancilio Silvia Pro/Pro X: Steam boiler Temperature Probe Cleaning/Replacement

This article shows how to remove and clean the temperature probe on the steam boiler of a Silvia Pro or Pro X. This can be helpful if your machine is heating inconsistently or not at all.

Tools Needed:
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • 17mm crescent wrench
  • Scouring pad or wire brush
  • Urnex or espresso cleaning solution
  • PTFE tape 
  • Towel (to catch spills)
  • Replacement Temperature Probe (if necessary)

Begin with your machine unplugged and fully cooled/depressurized.

1. Remove the panels from your Silvia Pro or Pro X. You will also need to remove the reservoir holder by removing the 2 screws and unplugging the 2 leads.


2. Before removing the temperature probe from the steam boiler, you will need to finish draining the boiler manually.


3. Locate the temperature probe and disconnect the wiring harness. You may need to remove the zip-tie for better access.


4. Use the 17mm wrench to remove the temperature probe from the brew boiler. (You may want to place a towel underneath, as a small amount of water may still be in the boiler)


5. Inspect the probe for signs of scale and clean using a mixture of Urnex and hot water and a scotch brite pad. Replace with a new temperature probe if necessary, and wrap the threads with PTFE tape.


6) Follow these directions in reverse to reinstall the probe. Don't forget to reattach the wiring harness!